5HT2 — (Monkey Dub Recordings, February 2023)

Silence and Sound : […] “The artist has an uncommon talent at mixing swirling melodies and danceable rhythms, developing on each track adjustable ambiances, able to be dressed with subtle aggressive synths”.

5HT2 — (Syncopathic Recordings, 2021)

 Jack Chuter (ATTN:Magazine): “All throughout, 5HT2 channels dubstep’s quintessential stagger into an echo-drenched reminiscence of weirder 90s electronic music, mangling multiple nostalgias into the compositional inclinations of the present, scrambling all attempts to place it anywhere but here and now.“

Roland Torres (Silence and Sound): “Andrea Taeggi aka 5HT2 delivers an album with dubstep flavours full of techno and Jamaican drifts. Handling the rhythms like a samurai, 5HT2 offers to the dancefloors a concentrate of moving music for late night descent, coated with melodies sometimes flirting with subtly deviant zones. The seven tracks are constantly in balance, posed on the edge of gentle but plunging slopes, welcoming but dangerous, full of contrasts and jolts, of sharp futurism and caressing past. Between electro dub and experimental weapons, 5HT2 binds genres with efficiency, making atmospheres flutter on a razor-sharp production. Highly recommended.” (original in French)