—Limited Edition of 200, 12” black vinyl housed in gold cardboard sleeve with ad-hoc fluo sticker.

Boomkat : “Taeggi focussed his extra energies supplied by the mischievous mushie gods to twist the knobs and faders of Willem Twee’s well stocked studio into a rhizomatic, networked conversation between the machines that describes the sparking electricity inside his bean with a natural, if abstract, logic”

BATCH 0011 — The Third Eye Squeegee

— digital

Boomkat: “…he uses the slower tempo to open out and colour the space with discretely harmonised hues and expressively chattering electronics…”

ZIMNÍ KRÁL — (SM-LL, 2018)

—12″ vinyl lp + digital

Boomkat: “This demonstration still feels uniquely fresh, crisp and spacious, sloshing in myriad syncopated permutations with a focussed, entrancing intricacy that one doesn’t hear every day.”


—limited LP edition of transparent 12″ dubplates + essay by Marc Schwegler on booklet + digital

Resident Advisor: “[Side A are] Eighteen mesmerizing minutes […]”

BATCH 0006 (SM-LL, 2017)

—limited EP edition of 20 transparent 12″ dubplates + digital

Stray Landings: “The world Taeggi represents is still yet to come”


—12″ vinyl lp + digital

Boomkat: “By-passing trends in favour of something purer, Taeggi has just pulled out a vital addition to this year’s wave of modular experiments, finding a killer balance of percussive gratification and spaced-out headiness.”