Quotes for “5HT2” (Syncopathic Recordings)
Jack Chuter: “All throughout, 5HT2 channels dubstep’s quintessential stagger into an echo-drenched reminiscence of weirder 90s electronic music, mangling multiple nostalgias into the compositional inclinations of the present, scrambling all attempts to place it anywhere but here and now”
Silence And Sound: “5HT2 links genres with efficacy, making atmospheres flutter on a razor-sharp production.”
Quotes for “Mycorrhiza” (OOH-SOUNDS)
Clot Magazine (interview and mixtape)
Boomkat: “Taeggi focussed his extra energies supplied by the mischievous mushie gods to twist the knobs and faders of Willem Twee’s well stocked studio into a rhizomatic, networked conversation between the machines that describes the sparking electricity inside his bean with a natural, if abstract, logic”
Joe Muggs/Best Electronic Music on Bandcamp: “Startlingly detailed Dutch abstractions”[…]” There’s a regularity to the patterns in this music, and a clear love for fizzing synth textures, gamelan-like rhythms, and hints of classic ’90s electronica that makes it eminently listenable.”

Quotes for “Zimnì Král”
Boomkat : “This demonstration still feels uniquely fresh, crisp and spacious, sloshing in myriad syncopated permutations with a focussed, entrancing intricacy that one doesn’t hear every day.”
Self-Ttitled : “Clicks and cuts at its most creative, with a mesmerizing and melodic backbone”
Sentire Ascoltare : “Taeggi non si atteggia a saccente smanettone con smanie knobanistiche, ma si pone con rispetto e misura all’ascolto, pronto a selezionare le più promettenti scintille elettriche sprigionate, dando loro un corpo, uno spazio, un ruolo”
Gonzo Circus (printed) : “Hij plaatst ze op een speelvlak, zoals een choreograaf dat met zijn dansers zou doen, en brengt ze vervolgens in beweging”. [Download full interview in Dutch]
Clot Magazine: “The sculptural potential of the sonic” (interview)
Quotes for “Noméri—Tere” (Präsens Editionen)
Resident Advisor: “Eighteen mesmerising minutes of sounds you didn’t know a piano could make.”
A Closer Listen: “A joyous explosion of beats and taps that makes one exclaim, “Where can I get one of these?!!””
Zweikommasieben: “The amalgamation of those musical practices coming from different corners of the world resulted in a seemingly holistic sound ecology.”
Quotes for “Batch 0006” (SM-LL)
Stray Landings : “The world Taeggi represents is still yet to come”
> Read interview on Stray Landings
Quotes for “Miccaotli” (Opal Tapes)
Norman Records : “I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve played this extended 6-track EP – it’s bloody great. Bursting with intricate, clattering metallic percussion at its core and embellished with superb futuristic sound design, and nervous, flickering melodies.”
Quotes for “Mama Matrix Most Mysterious” (Type)
 Boomkat : “By-passing trends in favour of something purer, Taeggi has just pulled out a vital addition to this year’s wave of modular experiments, finding a killer balance of percussive gratification and spaced-out headiness.”
Norman Records : “Rather than synth odysseys, he’s kept Mama Matrix Most Mysterious minimal and strictly rhythmic, making for a simmering brew of terse clicks and timbres. Sweet.”
Bleep : “[…] a startling exercise in brittle dynamics”
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 Quotes for “AUM” (Opal Tapes)
 Boomkat : “Crushing and sublimating ambient and industrial techno structures into spectral topographies”
Norman Records : “To be fair, this is overall a sonically arresting and panoramically stunning record”
Forced Exposure : “Aum is a special record from a special musician and presents a modern take on cinema for the ear”
Bleep : “As Gondwana he now goes solo with a debut that pushes his work into even more abstract spheres, deconstructing the architecture of song form”
>Features :
Boiler Room : Gondwana’s “The invisible Prison” was included in the “Upfront” end of the year mix, curated by Michail Stangl aka Opium Hum